Teams will be notified by the selection committee as to their acceptance at the half of October 2024.

Registration fees will not be refunded to any team cancelling its entry after having been accepted by the selection committee.

Participating teams must provide the Tournament Registrar with originials of birth certificates (or similar document) in accordance with Q.I.H.F. rules upon arrival. Any teams found with ineligible players participating in the Tournament will be disqualified.

All accepted teams will receive the formal documents required by the Q.I.H.F.
No changes will be made to the schedule unless there was an error from our part or should a team withdraw from the tournament.

Teams from outside the province of Quebec must provide a Travel Permit and will be classified according to the population of the area from which they recruit their players, so long as an official affidavit is supplied with th application form.
The tournament begins on February 13th, and ending February 23th 2025.
Teams competing in the Tournament are assured at a minimum of two (2) games.
All the games will be played between 8h am and 10h pm.
Note: If your teams is qualified fo this tournament, they will play during school time.

Registration form

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Please, check again yours previous informations.

In order to validate your registration, your check must be received and cashed in. However, this does not
represent a final confirmation. Your check most be send went the registration have been completed.

Please, write down your team's name and your class on the check or money order.
Note: No refunded registration fees after your team having been accepted.

Inscription fees:
A & B from Canada: 475$ CDN
AA & BB from Canada: 475$ CDN
AAA-E & AAA from Canada: 550$ CDN
Outside Canada: 700$ CDN OR 550$ US
For more informations on the registration, please contact:

International Pee-Wee B.S.R.
A/S Hockey Department
C.P. 39003 Lévis,
(Québec) Canada G6K 1N6
Cel.: (418) 951-1243