The International Pee-Wee B.S.R. offers you the possibility to pass along wellness while giving time volunteering during our event.  Volunteer work among us will bring a marking impact in your life, while fulfilling our growing demand, considering the international aspect of our tournament. 

Because of the devotion seen in our team of volunteers that are giving time regularly or on a punctual basis, you will contribute to the continuing enforcement of our organization.    

According to your schedule and to the field of action that suits you best, become a volunteer and enjoy a great experience with us.  There are a variety of different possibilities to volunteer in : installation before the tournament, housing, welcoming the teams, security, admission, bar, etc.  

Share your time and make a difference, it will be a pleasure to welcome you among our team. 

If you wanted some action, please leave your name, email and a brief description of what you want to do or yours skills. We will contact you !

Apply as volunteer