Welcoming and Admission

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Instructions and information regarding the reception of teams participating in the tournament, and the storage of hockey equipment

Each player or player must obtain a pass allowing him to enter free of charge at the arena of BSR & Aquaréna in Charny. The pass is also required for the coaching staff, including the manager (s). This pass will be available to Home trailer (right arena) or Aquaréna Charny for teams that will play their first game.

Each player or player arriving at the arena with his hockey equipment must fall by the home trailer. If the team room is ready, the player or the player can get there directly with its equipment. If the room is not ready, hockey equipment will remain in the home trailer.

No piece of equipment will be tolerated in the stands and the lobby of the arena. All hockey equipment must be either in the home caravan or in the hockey room if available.

At the end of each game, each player or player must bring his equipment to home trailer. He or she may resume at the time of his departure.