City of Lévis, proud partner
1 February 2019

City of Lévis, proud partner

The city of Lévis is very happy to be a part of the 44th edition of the International Pee-Wee B.S.R., a really popular activity that brings together people from all horizons. Congratulations to all the players for their commitment, their drive to excel and the discipline they show us every time they practice our national sport.

Such an event would never be possible without the involvement of the coaches and the families who have in mind the success of our young athletes. We cannot forget the dedication of the generous volunteers who show up year after year to allow this event to happen, right here in our city.

« Vivez le courant Lévis »

Lévis is a lively city with many possibilities all over its territory. It stands out all over the province by its dynamic economy, but also because of the quality of life that it offers to its citizens. Among all cities over 100 000 inhabitants in Quebec, Lévis ranked first place for its living conditions, the strength of its economy and its security.

Lévis offers a variety of living environments to its citizens, with a balance of greens spaces and urban centers. Many businesses from a variety of industries choose to establish in Lévis, offering career opportunities for all tastes. City of knowledge, Lévis is also proud of the presence of many schools and training institutions for all. Just like its citizens, Lévis is an authentic, open and ambitious city.