Schedule in the games!!!!!!!
During the 40th edition of the tournament, we are proud to have with us 2 new teams is Florida Bulldogs as well as Phoenix Coyotes who will fight for a place in finale of the AA. During 10 days of tournament, a total of 152 games will be played or 125 in the BSR arena and 27 to the Charny ...
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Bernie gets ready!!!!!
Since the end of the 39th edition of the Tournament Pee-wee of BSR, Bernie our mascot, is in preparation to show you of quite colors during the 40th edition. It is thus a meeting with Bernie who is already ready to make you laugh and you make like the tournament....
Committee members ready to get down to work!!!!!
During summer, the committee members of the Tournament proceeded to the painting of the logo og the 40th edition before making the ice for winter. It is thus with a lot of merit that during the Tournament you have the opportunity to see in the center of the ice a beautiful logo....
TPWBSR in the golf in Boston!!!!!
Throughout the summer, the committee of the Tournament Pee-wee prepared the 40th edition which is to come from February 12 to 22 of this year. Some committee members went to represent the Tournament Pee-wee in Boston. These participated in the Tournament of golf of the team of hockey in Boston. ...
Wanted notice (Lodging 2014)
The International Pee-Wee B.S.R. offers you the possibility to pass along wellness while giving time volunteering during our event. Volunteer work among us will bring a marking impact in your life, while fulfilling our growing demand, considering the international aspect of our tournament. ...
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