Congratulations to the volunteers!
The organizing committee of it 41th edition is proud of you communicate the congratulations that we received by the City of Lévis. We are very proud there and we thank you all once again!...
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Rouen Gift
The organizing committee had the honor to receive a magnificent present of the team of Rouen. We are extremely proud there and we are very satisfied with their presence and with their attention with us....
Put in the game of the Cage Sports
February 15th during the putting in the game official of the World cup in class DC which set the young French people of the city of Angers to the young people of Beauce-Nord, we were lucky enough to make the putting for the game official with the president of the 41th edition, Mister Jeannot ...
Web distribution (Media-Klic)
As from February 17th (game 112) all the parts in the BSR will be available in Web distribution. From 17 till 21 February, all the parts played the BSR arena will be commented and analyzed as those of the pros. If you cannot be present, we invite you, via Internet in the
Bar Department
Several departments are in motion during the tournament. To amuse you during the stoppage time and the preparation of the part of your child, we wish to welcome in our bar strong in color. An impressive, energetic bar with about 100 jumpers different from team in the ceiling. Come to ...
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